"I made my debut scoring Ronaldo: he scored 3 goals in 30 minutes"

"I made my debut scoring Ronaldo: he scored 3 goals in 30 minutes"

The Brazilian Phenomenon destroyed him in his debut.

Leandro Rodriguez
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28/09/2020 11:06 Hs.

Quinton Fortune was a South African defender who played for Atlético de Madrid during the 1996 and 1999 seasons, a period in which Ronaldo Nazario shone with Barcelona < / strong>. And his debut was not as expected because it was precisely the Phenomenon's turn to score.

"In my debut with Atleti, I had to score none other than Mr. Ronaldo Nazario da Lima. Unforgettable. Ronaldo is the best player I've ever had in front of me. Without a doubt. What an impressive guy! I remember that match perfectly: it was the year 97. Ronaldo had already scored a hat trick in thirty minutes, smashed three sticks, caused four faults on the front and a penalty. Something wild, "Fortune began in dialogue with Libero.

And then he continued: " The coach tells me I'm going to play. I was very excited. He begins to talk to me and explain that I will play on the left, as is, but I was so nervous that I barely listened to him . And just before jumping onto the pitch, he grabs me and blurts out: 'Oh, Fortune. And you're taking care of Ronaldo, huh?'

Stunned by the challenge of marking the Brazilian, Fortune confessed: "I was about to not enter and go to the locker room pretending an injury. Was it my debut at the Calderón and am I going to have to mark that animal that is killing us?? Put me to cover Figo even if it is, how crazy was that ".


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