"I was wrong in going to Real Madrid, I should have signed with Barcelona"

"I was wrong in going to Real Madrid, I should have signed with Barcelona"

Hard phrase from a former Real Madrid footballer

Leandro Rodriguez
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28/09/2020 11:32 Hs.

Carlos Secretary is a former Real Madrid footballer and he took advantage of being in quarantine to talk with the Portuguese media FC Porto at home. However, what seemed like a quiet interview ended up annoying all the Real Madrid fans.

"Everything happened after the Eurocup in England 1996. My representative called me to go to Lisbon because we had a club contract and when I arrived I saw that it was Real Madrid. But when I was going to sign Vitor Baía called me to tell me about Barcelona where Robson was, who also loved me, but I had already committed to Madrid, "the Secretary confessed.

Then the former defender continued: "I was wrong. Perhaps it would have been better for my career to have gone to Barcelona because I had the support of my teammates there, but I was already signing for Madrid and could not reject it. things in Real Madrid did not end up going well ".

Secretary played only 13 games in a season and left Real Madrid: "There were people at Real Madrid who told me not to go out, that we were going to be European champions, as happened later, but I left because I couldn't refuse Porto's offer "


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