"I did not fail: I played with Messi and I speak four languages"

"I did not fail: I played with Messi and I speak four languages"

Responded to criticism

Leandro Rodriguez
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28/09/2020 12:35 Hs.

Bojan Krkic promised to be a pure scorer from the quarry of Barcelona. The attacker, who in La Masía, was compared to Leo Messi worked in the first years with Pep Guardiola but then his performance dropped significantly, until he reached the MLS in the United States today.

However, for Bojan, he did not fail at Barcelona and even did things that few can do. In dialogue with Mundo Deportivo, Bojan remarked: " I think I did succeed. I don't know how many can say they have scored 40 goals in the first team, who have played four seasons . I achieved all that and it must be taken into account that I came up from the quarry , with the pressure that there was. I was 16-17 years old, it was a very young age, of experience , of experiences ... ".

Along the same lines, Bojan added: " Of course I could have scored twice as many goals, been more years old, or have been closer to that label that was put on me the first day, but for me it was a great success. I had good games, others not so many. I have always said that I am very happy with the four years that I lived at Barça. I think big and wanting to play in big teams ".

To close, Bojan said: "Barça is my club, my home, but you have to return through the front door. I would not like to return to return, I want to feel like an important player that can give something, and that situation has not yet occurred. I speak English, Italian, Spanish and Catalan. I give more value to speaking four languages ​​than to having been able to win five more titles ".


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