Buffon en la Juventus.

"Alisson and Buffon were substitutes with me, I'm the best of all"

"Alisson and Buffon were substitutes with me, I'm the best of all"

Understand that it is the best ever.

Buffon en la Juventus.
Leandro Rodriguez
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29/09/2020 16:59 Hs.

Wojciech Szczesny was considered the best goalkeeper in history. The Juventus goalkeeper, who is also the goalkeeper of the Polish National Team, used the cases that Allisson and Gigi Buffon experienced, who were his substitutes and was automatically chosen as the best in history.

A few months ago, at a press conference, the Polish goalkeeper stated: " I recently commented that when I was at Roma I put Alisson, the best goalkeeper in the world today, on the substitute bench. Now , at Juventus, my substitute is one of the best players in history (Buffon). The conclusion is that I am probably the best in the world and in history ".

He also remarked: " It is something spectacular with Buffon. The possibility of training with him, talking, observing him and sharing ideas cannot be bought. It would have to be very stupid not to take advantage of it ".

To close, he remarked: "When I came to Juventus two, three years ago I knew that I would be his substitute for a year. Now when he has returned, he showed that he was aware of his role. Our relationship continues to be excellent."

Currently, the Pole remains the undisputed starter of Juventus despite the change of coach that the team suffered with the departure of Maurizio Sarri and the arrival of Andrea Pirlo. And indeed, to this day, Buffon remains the substitute at Juve.


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