Messi: "When he entered the locker room, I couldn't look at him"

Messi: "When he entered the locker room, I couldn't look at him"

Shocked by him.

Leandro Rodriguez
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29/09/2020 17:14 Hs.

A few years ago, Leo Messi gave an interview to the French media L'Equipe and there he revealed his admiration for Thierry Henry . The French striker arrived at Barcelona in full explosion of Leo Messi at Barcelona, ​​but his great moment did not allow him to look at Henry and he was carried away by the figure of the crack who came from Arsenal.

" The first day he walked into the dressing room I didn't dare look him in the face. I knew everything he had done in England. I had a picture of him made and all of a sudden we were on the same team. What I feel for Titi can be a form of admiration ", said Leo Messi.

Along the same lines, the Argentine then highlighted: "I loved Henry how easy it is to finish an action, how he takes the path to goal and ends the play. It gives the impression that it is something natural. His running, his dribbling, the last gesture ... It's something fluid, proportionate ".

The admiration ended up being mutual because Henry was fascinated with Messi: "I have had the opportunity to see Maradona play and Messi is the only one like him. Leo also has something very important, he never falls down. Maradona too had this. "

Henry only spent three seasons at Barcelona but that was enough for him to be the protagonist of a golden age as he won a Champions League, a European Super Cup, a Club World Cup, two Leagues, a King's Cup and a Spanish Super Cup.


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