"Everyone laughed at me that's why Rooney gave me his Lamborghini"

"Everyone laughed at me that's why Rooney gave me his Lamborghini"

From one crack to another crack

Leandro Rodriguez
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30/09/2020 14:21 Hs.

Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney formed a lethal duo at Manchester United that won everything in 2008. The Argentine understood each other perfectly with the British, to the point that they forged a friendship within the team and it was from the beginning. The now Boca forward felt very identified with Waza's story and that is why they shared so much together.

In an interview with ESPN, Apache told a story that was not known until now: "I identified a lot with him because of where he came from, which was a lower area of ​​Liverpool. He always fought the ball as if it were the last, he played like me. I felt very personal, I saw myself very reflected in him ".

However, there was a gesture from Rooney that shocked Carlitos Tevez: "In Manchester United practices, he looked like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Everyone, even the player worse, he came with a Ferrari. I showed up with the Audi that the club gave you and they all loaded me up, as if it were a Fiat 600. Then I started to ask and this crazy Rooney tells me 'take the Lamborghini'. I went without registration, through Manchester, riding in that ship. He gave it to me. "

The truth is that during the pair of both and the brutal contribution of Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United managed to win the Premier, the Champions League and the Club World Cup.


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