"I fractured my leg and they sent me to train with Ronaldo"

"I fractured my leg and they sent me to train with Ronaldo"

Total madness.

Leandro Rodriguez
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30/09/2020 16:47 Hs.

Betito Acosta was a Uruguayan player who only spent one season at Corinthians and who coincided with the Phenomenon Ronaldo . By then, Timao broke the transfer market by getting the best 9 in history to reach the São Paulo club. But at that moment, Acosta never thought the Uruguayan was that an injury was going to make him train with the Phenomenon.

" I was 'lucky' to have broken my tibia and I had two months to play again when Ronaldo arrived at Corinthians, so the first two months I trained separately with him. We became good friends ", he began by dialing in dialogue with Referee.

Then, Acosta revealed some stories of the Phenomenon: "The traffic in San Pablo is brutal. I lived 10 minutes from the training camp and could eat two hours of traffic jam. One day we were in training and Ronaldo He had not appeared, when suddenly we began to feel the blades of a helicopter . It was Ronaldo ... in pajamas! He changed and trained ".

To close, Betito added: " The coach didn't say anything to him. I didn't want to eat those traffic jams, so since I already had confidence with him, I asked him. 'Ronnie', is the helicopter yours? < / strong> No, no no. I rent it. And how much does it cost you? 3,000 reais (about 700 euros per trip). Let me go, I keep getting up at five in the morning to go by car '".

After that year at Corinthians, Ronaldo ended up retiring from soccer due to injuries. While Acosta continued to play for Corinthians.


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