How to break defensive lines

How to break defensive lines

See how you can do it with just one pass.

Leandro Rodriguez
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30/09/2020 20:09 Hs.

Pirlo, Lampard and Xavi before, Modric, De Bruyne and Thiago today, and many other football geniuses surprised more than once with their ability to unlock matches with a single pass.

On this occasion, from Football By Experts , we bring you how to put this resource into practice just when your team regains possession of the ball.

Slow down the game

That gives you time to focus on where you will hit your long ball.

Look for the pass in the opposite zone

You know your lane is overloaded with rivals

Go to two unmarked players on the other side.

Perfect execution

Time is running out, he has to switch sides and throw a ball forward.

Choose the teammate who runs from behind to make sure the ball does not go to an offside player.




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