Obtain greater physical resistance

Obtain greater physical resistance

5 tips that will help you increase and preserve your energy in a match.

Casemiro, Real Madrid.
Leandro Rodriguez
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30/09/2020 20:13 Hs.

Endurance is one of the most relevant factors for a footballer, due to the fact that a player who runs and meets his goals on the pitch can do so as long as he has enough "stamina" to sustain their energies for as long as possible .

In football the importance of this physical section is so important, since if one of your footballers tires quickly, it will not be useful for the team because will not be able to exploit their qualities over time with regularity and will not perform enough for your team to achieve its goals.

That is why, below, we will leave you 5 tips that will be useful to increase resistance and stay longer on the field of play .

Trot . This exercise is one of the fundamental bases in the search to obtain resistance. Jogging will help you increase circulation and make your heart work harder and better . In addition, it is useful to burn calories and train muscles, especially those of the lower body.

Pace changes . It is not just about consistency, but it is also advisable to make changes to the rhythms when jogging. In this way you will be more explosive and maintain uneven rhythms , something that happens all the time in football.

Machines . In the gym there will be gadgets that will help you, like the treadmill . This device is, commonly, the origin of all training in these places and, as you improve your way of training, remember to make speed changes and modifications in the incline of the treadmill.

Nutrition and hydration . A good and healthy intake of food will always be recommended for any athlete, as is the variation between them. The ideal thing here would be to consult a nutritionist and have them prepare a nutritional routine for you according to your training.

While on the hydration side, water or sports drinks must be present during physical activity to avoid muscle fatigue, since if it is not done it can cause nausea or headaches in the athlete.

Other sports . Some disciplines are highly recommended for many other sports, due to their conditions in the search for better performance.

cycling is one of the most recommended due to its cardio and leg work that is totally useful for football. Like swimming , but the body's exposure to muscle work is much higher than that mentioned above.

However, both are important to find greater resistance when playing a game. Remember that you always have to find a balance in training and nutrition.